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Virginia CD1

Progress4VA1 will focus primarily on Virginia’s First Congressional District (CD1), a United States congressional district located in the commonwealth of Virginia. Virginian politicians often refer to it as “America’s First District” as the district includes Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World. For years, it also included the other two points of the Historic Triangle – Williamsburg, the longtime capital of the colony, and Yorktown, where the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. After the 2010 census, the boundaries were redrawn and approved in 2013. The current boundaries do not include Williamsburg and Yorktown. A map of CD1 is provided below.

As of 2016, the CD1 population was 776,836. CD1 is 70 percent urban and 30 rural with an ethnicity that includes 72 percent white, 15 percent black, 9 percent Hispanic, 3.5 percent Asian, and .5 percent Native American. The median income is $81,338.

CD1 has been represented by Republican Rob Wittman since 2007.