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Funds are raised and distributed by Progress4VA1 to help improve the lives of Virginia residents by advocating for progressive policies that will make the Rappahannock region a better place to live, work and raise a family. Donations and contributions are used to elect candidates who advocate for progressive policies that promote a safe and secure environment, economic opportunity, excellent schools, sustainably managed economic growth and development, appropriate infrastructure development, and a culture of mutual respect, responsibility and support.

Subject to applicable laws, distribution of Progress4VA1 funds will be made only:

  • To support activities designed to build public support for Progress4VA1 positions
  • To support activities that further the nomination or election of individuals who have publicly announced that they are candidates for nomination or election to Federal, state, or local office elective public offices
  • To support activities to raise public awareness of the positions of candidates or elected officials
  • To other committees, associations, or organizations organized and operating exclusively for the purpose of influencing, or attempting to influence, the nomination or election of one or more individuals described above, for use by such committees, associations, or entities as the Executive Board may determine so long as such distributions are for the purpose of supporting a candidate seeking election to Federal, state, or local office
  • To such other entities as is permitted by applicable Federal, state, or local law at the time of any such distribution

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article IV, Progress4VA1 shall not make distributions of funds to:

  • Individuals who seek nomination or election to a federal, state, or local office
  • Political committees associated with individuals seeking election to federal, state, or local offices
  • Political parties
  • Political committees associated with political parties
  • Other organizations as prohibited under federal, state, or local election laws
  • Republish campaign materials prepared by a candidate, campaign committee, or political party, except for a brief quote to illustrate a candidate’s position or certain other limited purposes
  • Support activities requested by or suggested by a candidate, campaign, or political party

Distributions will not be made by Progress4VA1 unless authorized by the Progress4VA1 Executive Board. Distributions shall not be made if such distribution would in any way violate the provisions of Federal Election Laws, the Virginia Election Code or other applicable laws.