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Progress4VA1 Independent PAC

Progress4VA1 is an independent expenditure only political action committee (PAC) registered with the Federal Election Commission and Virginia Department of Elections, and affiliated with the Stafford Indivisible Community Action Network (SICAN), a local, grassroots organization energized by volunteer activists from the Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and King George area.

Progress4VA1 shares the vision and values of SICAN and is dedicated to helping improve the lives of Virginia residents by advocating for progressive policies that will make the Rappahannock region a better place to live, work and raise a family.

To achieve our vision we need to elect candidates who advocate for progressive policies that promote a safe and secure environment, economic opportunity, excellent schools, sustainably managed economic growth and development, appropriate infrastructure development, and a culture of mutual respect, responsibility and support. Therefore, Progress4VA1 will support the nomination and election of candidates to federal, Virginia state, and local offices who support these objectives.

This billboard will be placed on Route 1 at Centerport Parkway in Stafford County beginning Oct. 1, 2018

This billboard will be placed on Route 1 at Centerport Parkway in Stafford County beginning Oct. 1, 2018

Delegate Hala Ayala (HD-51) will now also be at our Summer Social. So you not only get to meet and greet Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-2), but also Hala Ayala. Priscilla and I are inviting all Democrats and Progressives to our Summer Social in support of Jennifer's PAC "Virginia For Everyone.” The reception will take place from 1-3 pm on Saturday, July 13, at our home here in North Stafford, VA. The address will be provided once you RSVP. To register for the event, visit If you have questions, send an email to Polly Pfeiffer at See the Facebook event announcement at ... See MoreSee Less

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Where do the American People actually stand on the issues? They are more Progressive than you think. Here are the percentages, according to well established polls…

76% of Americans favors higher taxes on the super rich, including more than half of registered Republicans. - Morning Consult-Political Poll, Feb 2019

More than 60% favor a wealth tax on fortunes of $50 million or more. - Morning Consult-Political Poll, Feb 2019 (Even Fox New Polls confirm these trends.)

70% want "Medicare for All," which most define as Medicare for anyone who wants it. - Hill-HarrisX Poll, Oct 2018

60% of Republicans support allowing anyone under age 65 to buy into Medicare. - Politico/Harvard Poll, Dec 2018

92% want lower prescription drug prices. - Politico/Harvard Poll, Dec 2018

More than 70% think we should be able to buy drugs imported from Canada. - KFF Health Tracking Poll, Feb 2019

More than 80% of Americans want paid maternity leave. - Pew Research Center Survey, Nov-Dec 2016

79% of voters want more affordable child care and that includes 80% of Republicans. - First Five Years Fund National Poll - 2017

60% of Americans support free college tuition for the those who meet income requirements. - Reuters/Opos. Poll, June-July 2018

62% think climate change is man-made and needs addressing. - Yale and George Mason, Nov-Dec 2018

84% think money has too much influence in politics. - N.Y. Times/CBS News Poll, May 2015

77% support limits on campaign spending, and that includes 71% of Republicans. - Yale and George Mason, Nov-Dec 2018

So why do the powerful (Big Corporations, Wall Street, and the Super Wealthy) call these policy ideas “Fringe” or “Radical” or “Socialist” ???

The reason is... MONEY! Many of these initiatives would cost THEM plenty. And as these proposals become more popular, the powerful are going to intensify their false and lying attacks. Don't drink the kool-aid!

The above information was collected from Robert Reich.
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Fossil Free Fredericksburg will present their organization and mission to the Fredericksburg City Council at the City's meeting tonight, 7:30 pm, June 25. They would love to have all members and supporters join them at the meeting and show visible support for their cause by wearing GREEN! The more the merrier, so please spread the word! The Council Chambers are located in the lower level of City Hall, with access off Hanover Street. ... See MoreSee Less

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We have a new Registrar in Stafford County... Welcome Anna Rainey!The three-member Stafford County Electoral Electoral Board has unanimously selected Anna Rainey as the county’s new Registrar and Director of Elections. She is being promoted from her current position as Stafford County’s Deputy Registrar, and will replace Greg Riddlemoser, who is retiring. The county received 27 applications from throughout the Commonwealth and across the country, including one from overseas. Rainey was among the top four applicants selected for in-person interviews. Her experience in election operations spans eight years as the second in charge of the Stafford County Registrar’s Office. ... See MoreSee Less

View on Facebook #VA01 @RobWittman vote of the day (Mar'13): Voted for a bill that mandates work requirements for TANF recipients. So we can put burdensome requirements on the poor but not reasonable regulations on businesses?

#VA01's @RobWittman says "we must first address our [military] readiness crisis"

@POTUS cancels military readiness exercises with S. Korea to appease Kim Jung-Un

Rob does nothing to advocate for continuing these exercises.

Why so #SilentBob?

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